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Well I joined dA because my friend made an account on it so why not. I have two other deactivated accounts that I will not tell because I made it back in 2010 and I deeply regret it. so many shittty weaboo and sonic ocs no pls Also I don't remember their usernames anymore :T Uhh I have made several weaboo/regrettable comments and art in my first two years, but I think 2013 was where I started to actually like what I drew still not good tho dA was created in 2000 but I'm still older than it :iconkiralaughplz: Come to think of it almost all of my drawings are just fanart... I should expand on what I draw >:U


To be honest I never thought I'd get this popular with my stuff since I submitted a lot more in my first account but didn't get that popular... (I can see why though ugh) and I knew I was underage too inexperienced  to use the internet and not that popular in my first two accounts so I was Just Some Random Kid. And lol because idiot me thought it would be "fuck the older people of the internet who hate me" edgy. Had I known I'd get this many new and awesome friends, I would've changed my username to something else more tolerable.


Holy shit did I get some awesome friends. RUHNdevilRUHN was my first dA friend, we had some fun TF2 RPs but eventually she deactivated her account. Even so, she was like the older sister who led me around through the dark parts of the web haha. flandre495 is my second friend, the Lincoln-Touhou-TF2 fan who has some of the most amazing art holy shit. Again, she's like my older sister. Through those two, I found more friends and discovered more parts of the dA community :D I have a lot of friends here, which y'all can check at my friends/watchers lists and support them too!

MY shitty ART

Looking at all my 2012 art I was pretty close to crying and dropping dead on the floor. I realised that I've also been drawing waaaaayyyyyyyy more males than females and I've been trying to draw once again more girls. I've also realised that I barely have any drawings that aren't people so my next goal is to try and fix that up. Because who wants to see the same things over and over again?? Also - my fanfiction. Ahh I found them pretty fun to write, although I thought they were had pretty crappy xD RUHNdevilRUHN's side of our TF2 fanfiction was really creative and awesome, compared to my side where my OC was more Mary Sue than Mary Sue. I kept that fanfic up because well, it's how I started dA and I don't want to forget that. c: I also thought my Philippines/America fanfic was pretty stupid, and I have thought of taking it down or abandoning it at least once, but since it's gotten quite a bit of attention I've decided to leave it up as well. It was intended to be a quick write-and-finish fanfic, instead of those tremendously thought out and detailed stories. I just wanted to write a Philippines/America fanfic since I didn't really find any here (and yes, I was in the weaboo stage again and that was why half the story was set in Japan). I have thought about remastering it, but I also thought that I might make it worse than the original...

I have gotten into several troll arguments in this community because it's also full of idiots, but I won't expand on that. I just like arguing with trolls I have nothing better to do

So yeah my dA story hope you guys enjoyed it lol and AMA if you feel like it xD


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:iconsakuyalolplz: :iconyoumustbenewplz:
My best friend is a crazy awesome friend. :dummy:

:iconfuuboa4plz::iconfuuboa5plz::iconfuuboa6plz: :iconsaysplz: UBOAAAAAAAAAAA-!!!!!!

:iconrainboaplz: :iconuboalaplz:

Okay then... here's something that I don't know why I put here... I'm bored...


Sesshomaru just cause. :iconmegustaplz:


Copypasta, you say?


:iconshadowangryatyouplz::iconsaysplz: DID YOU BREAK IT TOO?
:iconsweatplz::iconsaysplz: Yeaahhh.....

I have no life. :iconmingplz:

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